Pink Camels

I think this camel dress might turn out to be a bit more versatile than I originally thought.  While playing around with it this morning I paired it with navy, fuchsia, and cream.  When it warms up, I am looking forward to wearing it all on its own.  Its quirky print makes me smile.  What could be better than that?

Charlotte by Charlotte Taylor dress via Anthropologie, Gap blazer, Nine West shoes, handmade flower brooch.

This fantastic Gemini bracelet was given to me by Sharon. It  says, “imaginative, alert, witty, versatile”. I am not sure I am all those things, but  I thought it went perfectly with my quirky dress.  Thanks, Sharon!



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6 responses to “Pink Camels

  1. yay! the dress looks fabulous on you!!

  2. That dress is fantastic, and I agree that it will turn out to be far more versatile that it seems. Love!

  3. mamavalveeta03

    I love the whimsy of the dress, and the shape is perfect on you. Sharon’s bracelet for you is adorable! Wear it in good health in 2012!!!

  4. You look awesome! I can’t wait to wear my dress, or “our” dress.

    The bracelet that Sharon gave you is very sweet. I love that it’s a little horoscope reading that you can wear everyday.

  5. I am stalking that dress on eBay right now for TxSC! I hope it’s true to size!

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