New Year’s Eve is this weekend and I have not decided what to wear.  I am going to a house party that evening, but doubt that anyone will be too dressed up.  Most of the time I  tend to be the most dressed up person in my group of friends. Of course, this does not bother me.    For our Christmas party I wore a sequin dress topped with a blazer.  When else can you wear a sequin dress, right?  I have another sequin dress (who needs TWO sequin dresses??) that I am tempted to wear for NYE.   Since I can’t decide, I am putting together a list of NYE outfit ideas.

If I were headed to a black tie affair, I would wear this.

If I were headed downtown, I would wear this with my red heels.

If I were staying at home it would be a sweater, dark jeans, heels, and this necklace.

Now, I must decide what I am really going to wear.  What are you going to wear?



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5 responses to “NYE

  1. Desert Flower

    I want that Helmut Lang dress so badly. It is too impractical for me. I can’t wear it to work and I don’t have a social life, LOL!

    You always pick the nicest things.

  2. mamavalveeta03

    The Helmut Lang dress is a work of ART!! It is gorgeous and draping gets to me every time! I, however, will be at home with my husband and 13-yr. old daughter in front of a fire, eating snacks and watching movies all night until we watch the ball drop in NYC. Then bedtime!! (and it’ll be easy because I’ll already be in my pj’s!)


    I have 2 dresses coming in the mail today so I haven’t decided yet but I will be dressed up for a house party as well. 😉

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