Casual Outfits

I usually pick simple (in my eyes) outfits.  Anything too fussy is usually not for me.  When in need of something worthy of public viewing, yet easy, I either go for a blazer and jeans or a silk top and jeans. The top always changes, but jeans remain my bottom of choice when in need of simple, pulled together looks.  Dark or black denim helps the outfit seem less casual, as do heels.  90% of the time you will see me pair heels with my jeans.  Heels and a nicer top always dress up denim.  Do you pair nicer tops and heels with your jeans?

81 Poppies top, J Brand jeans, Calvin Klein shoes.

Vintage blazer, Stylemint t-shirt,  J Crew necklace, J Brand jeans, Bongo oxfords.



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4 responses to “Casual Outfits

  1. mamavalveeta03

    So cute and foolproof! You are absolutely right about the dark/black jeans and heels. I sometimes “casualize” it a bit by wearing an oversized cardi or wrap (ala Grechen!) and booties instead of heels. But either way works.

  2. Rachel

    Love the top with the necklace, just getting into Stylemint in the past month.

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