Wardrobe Basic Alternative: Dressy Flats

Some people can’t or don’t wear heels.  After I broke my foot, I was in flats for quite sometime and I ended up having to purchase dressy flats for several parties.  My sister doesn’t wear heels because she and her fiance are too close in height.  I have clients that can no longer wear heels due to foot issues and I have some clients that are just over suffering for fashion.  I totally 100% get it.  So, here are some dressy flat options for those of you that cannot, will not, or prefer not to wear heels.  Since a flat automatically looks a little more dressed down than a heel, I recommend a flat with some kind of embellishment.

This gold flat would be perfect for any cocktail party.

On a budget? This grey sparkly shoe  acts as a neutral and is easy on the wallet.

Love this simple black flat.

I love a red shoe and I think this red satin one would be great with mustard or grey.

Product Image

Do you prefer flats or heels?


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5 responses to “Wardrobe Basic Alternative: Dressy Flats

  1. Sydney, you are an ANGEL!!! (I’m going to secretly tell myself that you posted this just for me!! xox) I love the sparkly ballet flats and the pointy toe flats, too. And thanks for the price range! Once again, you’re the BEST!!

  2. I love flats, well I love Repetto flats ; ) My boyfriend is also the same height as me but he doesn’t mind me wearing heels as long as is not 10cm lol…

  3. katie quarterman

    I go both ways, I love flats and heels! I wear flats with the kids and heels with mt husband(hes 6’5, I’m 52)
    Some more great flats, Sears has SM flats in black and cream(with tasteful sparkles) that are super cheap, but don’t look cheap and are fairly well made and durable for the price. (and they are comfy!)

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