Hot Pink

I have been wearing a lot of black lately.  Anytime the temperature dips, I want to wear my black tights, which in turn leads to me wanting to wear black shoes.  Since  black shoes with black tights elongates the leg, that is what I always reach for.  I attempted to add some color to my darker pallet by wearing a hot pink dress last Thursday for a mini pop-up.  I think it is time to ban black from my wardrobe for a week and rely on bolder colors.  Do you rely on black come winter?

Vintage dress and blazer, Spanx tights, Forever 21 belt, Bongo oxfords.  Photo snapped by Sharon.



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2 responses to “Hot Pink

  1. The question would be when I am not wearing black…lol There was a time when I was worried about people telling me I was wearing too much black, not anymore I love it and I am going to wear black when ever I like : ) I really like the pink dress !!

  2. Gorgeous. You look amazing in hot pink. And I love it paired with black for winter.

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