Virtual Shopping

Currently I am not supposed to be shopping for myself.  We can just ignore yesterday’s post, OK?  I am supposed to be using my money to buy gifts for others.  I am mostly sticking to this, but I keep adding pieces to my Shopbop wishlist because I can’t help myself.  I consider it research for my job.  Totally justifiable.  Right?

I am loving this citrus dress.  I would pair it with a navy or grey blazer now and nothing but statement earrings when the weather warms up.

I am not a flats person, but if I were, these would become mine.

This makes me want to head somewhere tropical and sip on margaritas all day long.

Some things NOT on my wish list?  This.  These ponchos were all the rage in 5th grade.  I thought they were ugly then and think they are hideous now.  Even though I begged him not to, my husband once bought a poncho when we were shopping in Mexico. He had visions of wearing it on the beach while drinking a Corona.  We don’t live by the beach.  Needless to say, it never was worn.

Even worse that that poncho is this denim one. Ick.

Don’t worry, there are shorts to match.

Hooray!  More wedge sneakers!

Are you virtually shopping right now?  Do you have more self-control than I do?



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4 responses to “Virtual Shopping

  1. You are on a shopping ban too? I am and so far am doing pretty well minus the fact that I haven’t bought any Christmas gifts.
    I am constantly adding stuff to my Shopbop wishlist. So much good stuff. I love the Cynthia Vincent flats too.

  2. I have NO self-control whatsoever. It is truly pathetic how I can justify buying something for myself when I’m supposed to be out shopping for others. Oh, my mom called and she wants her denim poncho from the 60’s back!

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