The holiday season is in full swing, which means lots of parties, gatherings of friends, and gift giving.  I never go to someone’s home empty handed, and I don’t like not having a gift if a neighbor stops by with a basket of homemade goodies, so I keep a few gifts on hand this time of year.  Some say that candles and wine are boring gifts, but I fully disagree.  I love  candles, but I don’t always buy them for myself.  I also love several bottles of wine over 20 dollars, but usually only stock my bar with wine around the 15 dollar range .  So, for me, these gifts are fantastic.   Since I like them, I think others do too.  Every year, when Bath and Body Works has their 50% off holiday candle sale, I stock up.  This year, my favorite scent is Fresh Balsam.

Fresh Balsam 14.5 oz Candle - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body Works

I also stock up on Voluspa candles when they pop up on Gilt.  They are my absolute favorite candle and their gift sets make excellent hostess presents.

Voluspa - Floraison Six Candle Gift Set

Earthquake’s Zinfandel is one of my favorite red wines.  It is bold, fruity, and chocolaty.  Put an ornament around the neck and you are good to go!

Michael David Vineyards Earthquake Zinfandel 2007

Do you keep gifts on hand? If so, what are your go-to-gifts?


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4 responses to “Gifts

  1. I think you’re absolutely right, Sydney! I love receiving things like nice candles or a bottle of wine. I also like to give homemade food gifts, since I know I also love to receive goodies like bon bons, yummy cookies, etc. And, like you, I stock up when I see sales.

  2. J.

    Ooooh, I love giving wine and bread…and flowers are nice when the days are gloomy!

  3. I love to stock up on all things Bath and Body Works when they have their big sales! They make great little ‘extras’ to go with a larger gift! 🙂

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