Case of the Mondays

I had a bad case of the Mondays yesterday.  That Monday after Thanksgiving is a rough one.  All I want to do is enjoy my food coma for a little longer, stare at my Christmas tree, and drink hot chocolate.  Instead, I, like everyone else, had to get up and get moving.  I felt very disorganized yesterday and needed a quick outfit.  After a silk top, jeans, and a statement necklace, my next easy outfit of choice is a silk dress and blazer.  It is simple, easy, and allows you to be work-ready in mere minutes.  Even though I didn’t feel ready to tackle the world, I at least looked a little pulled together.  How was your Monday?

Banana Republic dress, vintage blazer, Spanx tights, Steve Madden booties, random scarf.


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3 responses to “Case of the Mondays

  1. Jess

    I couldn’t agree with you more! Go get ’em. I too had a case of the Mondays. All these holiday sales have been messing with my mind – I feel like I’m missing out – but I hate shopping under pressure, it takes the fun out of it.

  2. It was a tough weekend, emotionally. Trying to celebrate and remember what I was thankful for was difficult without my niece, Sarah, this year. Especially when I recalled how much fun our whole extended family had together at my mom and dad’s last year. But, I was blessed to have one of my daughters come home from college for the week and we had a great time together. We all went to see “Hugo” on Friday and loved it. But Monday? Eh….

    You look beautiful, even if you’re not feelin’ it! I love the colors on you and your makeup is perfect! (it’s the MUA in me…)

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