Animal Cocktail Rings

I love a cocktail ring for day.  I think they are a great way to add a little glamour to an everyday outfit.  My ring of choice is a large burgundy ring by Kendra Scott.  I spotted these on Shopbop this morning and am tempted to add them to my collection.  While they are not traditional cocktail rings, they would definitely make a statement.

The Texas girl in me really wants this ring.

I was recently outbid on a tiger ring on ebay.  This ring reminds me quite a bit of the one I lost.

This dove cocktail ring is really sweet.  I could see myself wearing it every day.


Would you wear an animal cocktail ring?



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2 responses to “Animal Cocktail Rings

  1. My fingers are so large that I don’t usually wear rings, although, if I did, it would probably be a cocktail ring so it didn’t look like I was wearing something miniature. I’d wear the dove ring, but I can see how a “Longhorn’s” fan would go for the steer!! (Booo!!!!)

  2. I’m a Texas girl too, so I love that first ring!

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