Wardrobe Basics: Grey Shoes

A grey shoe is a a total wardrobe basic.  After my nude shoes, I probably wear my grey shoes most often.  They go with everything and are seasonless.  I like grey because, as I have said before, they go with everything that black shoes go with, but they never look heavy.  I am a big fan and have several styles; I have a bootie, a wedge, a flat, and a pump.  Currently, I am looking to add a grey boot to my shoe collection.  Here are some of my current picks.


This is a great simple pump that would work for your 9-5 job and drinks after.

I love this grey flat.  Very Chanel, no?

These grey boots are on my Christmas list.  I love them!

large image view

Do you have any grey shoes?


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5 responses to “Wardrobe Basics: Grey Shoes

  1. Gray shoes are on my list for this fall/winter. I don’t have any, but I definitely want some.

  2. Desert Flower

    I bought a pair of grey pumps earlier this year and I am surprised how versatile they are. It’s a color you don’t see often, too. Everyone in my office has black pumps. I’m the only one with grey!

  3. I bought a pair of grey patent leather pumps last summer, and I love them. You’re right – grey is a seasonless neutral. I don’t have any other pairs of grey footwear, but a knee high engineer boot in grey is on my wishlist for Christmas!

  4. Yes, I have a pair of grey pumps that I bought for a wedding and never wear. I need to see if I can manage in them through the day and then actually wear them.

  5. Now that you mention it…yes! I have a pair of “snake-print” pumps that are mostly grey. I really love them, but I kind of forgot about them….I know, it’s time to sort and purge!!

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