Stylemint T-shirt

I finally bit the bullet and ordered a t-shirt from Stylemint.   I am always on the hunt for the perfect t-shirt, so this company seemed like a great fit for me.  I went with the Pacific t-shirt and couldn’t be happier.  The cotton is soft and the shirt drapes well.  Plus, the back is interesting, which I always like.

T-shirts don’t last forever, so I hate to spend a lot of money on them .  These t-shirts are right at 30 dollars, which is probably the top of what I would like to spend on one, but totally worth it.  Once, I spent over 100 dollars on a t-shirt and almost cried when it shrank in the wash.  I learned my lesson to never spend too much on a t-shirt.  Who makes your favorite t-shirt?

 Stylemint t-shirt, Gap jeans, Payless shoes, Stella and Dot necklace.



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11 responses to “Stylemint T-shirt

  1. that shirt looks really comfy. and i’m loving those jeans! is the shirt actually split in the back where it overlaps or does it just look that way? what a great find!

  2. LOVE this! wish they still had some left!!! that back detail is awesome, very T by AW.

  3. This is going to be a nerdy question, but what’s the fabric composition of the Stylemint tees? 100% cotton? Cotton blend? Tencel? Please let me know. I’ll be waiting here with my pocket protector. 🙂

  4. Twinsies!!!! I got that same t-shirt in the oatmeal color. I can’t resist an interesting detail design and the open back got me.
    I figured I had way too many t-shirts and probably wouldn’t take advantage of StyleMint, but I’m on my third shirt now. The price is good and I really like most of the design and color choices.
    I once paid close to $100 on a tee, but sent it back because it was way to sheer. I kind of regret doing that because it had the best cowl drape detail in the back. I still think about it, just wished there was more thickness to it. But I totally understand the hesitation on spending so much on a tee.

  5. I am really loving Nation LTD right now. The last one I got was only $22 on sale…somewhere…Oh, memory! Where did you go??

  6. Love it, love it! I think you never have too many t shirts. I still looking for the perfect one though

  7. I love your whole outfit, the T, jeans and that great necklace. You look great. I’ve been waiting for the Pacific to be available again and a size 1 in oatmeal was today so I ordered it. Yay! I’d rather have a two though, I’m petite but gained a bit of weight so we’ll see.

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