Dinner Party Dress

I saw this on the Refinery 29 blog the other day and I can’t stop thinking about it.  Yes, it is a maternity dress. No, I am not pregnant or planning on being anytime soon, but I can’t stop visiting it.  It is gorgeous.  I would pair it with my leather jacket, top it with a cropped sweater, or wear it all by itself.  It is pretty fantastic.


The Dinner Party Dress


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4 responses to “Dinner Party Dress

  1. Desert Flower

    It doesn’t look like a maternity dress so I see no reason non-pregnant women couldn’t wear it. I love your styling ideas!

  2. So ethereal….(and looks like your colors!)

  3. It’s lovely indeed.Who cares they sell it as a maternity dress? The wearer decides whether it is or not, right?

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