Too Trendy?

I was shopping with a client on Wednesday when I spotted a fellow shopper wearing what seemed like every trend for 2011.  Wearing head-to-toe trends made it seem like she was trying too hard.  I knew that she would look back on photos and be able to pinpoint the exact date of the picture.  This is something that I try to avoid.  Am I successful all the time? No.  But I try to combine of-the-moment-pieces with classic pieces.  I don’t want to look back on pictures and say, “Oh.  That is when I started reading blogs and thought that I could mix patterns, wear open toe booties, colored tights, and a neon necklace all at once!!! ”

So, how many trendy pieces are too many?   1? 2? 5?  I don’t think there is an exact number, but I always think your trendy pieces should be grounded by classics.  If you are wearing a colored skinny jean (very trendy!) the rest of your look should be classic.   It doesn’t get more classic than a white button down shirt and navy blazer.  These pieces play well with the trendy jean and allow you to look current, but not like you are trying too hard.  The second look features a camel sweater; camel is a classic color and is a great contrast to a colored jean.

Whenever you are wearing trendy pieces, remember that it is important to incorporate classics in your look.  Piling on trends creates a look that might make you cringe later. Who wants that?  So, how many trends do you wear at once?  Do you have a specific formula you follow?



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7 responses to “Too Trendy?

  1. great post! love both of these options. completely agree on not overdoing the trendiness…i see that all the time and i wish i could take ‘what not to wear’ pictures. hmm…

  2. I don’t usually do trendy things, but I really want a pair of red jeans!!!! Sometimes I think people wear costumes instead of clothes, they try so hard to be on trend that the forget you should have your style first and then you can incorporate the trends that suit you.

  3. Some really excellent advice. I wish more women followed it (Snooki–we’re talking to you, Honey!!!). I don’t have a formula, per se, but I am VERY cautious at my age (51) to not do too much. If I go with a trendier piece, it is likely to have very classic lines (for instance, I bought a leopard tote, but it’s from J.Crew: I’ll pair it with dark, bootcut jeans, a white shirt, a black or navy blazer, booties and some simple earrings. I think you have to know yourself well and know what works and doesn’t work for you.

  4. Found you through Little Tin Soldier. 🙂 I’ve been scrolling through your posts and looking at your cute outfits!

    About trends… I heard it said that you should drop a trend every decade. So in your teens, you wear them all, 20’s- 3-4 trends, 30’s- 2-3 trends, 40’s- 1-2 trends, 50’s- maybe 1 trend, but pretty classic at this point. I think that really works pretty well. Goes for guys, too. I see a lot of guys in their 40’s still trying to dress like teenagers… pretty silly. 🙂

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