AKA Dress

This AKA dress was  a gift to myself for my birthday two years ago.  I saw it in the window at Intermix and knew I had to have it.  It was a bit of a splurge, but I have worn it many times since.  I have belted it and worn it as a tunic. I have dressed it up and down.  I have worn it in the winter and the summer.  Overall, I have probably worn it at least  20 times and I plan to continue to wear it.  When you find a piece that you are absolutely in love with, it is worth spending more.  The cost per wear for this dress is well under 20 dollars.  That makes it a much better deal than some dresses I have snagged last minute at Forever 21 at a “steal” for 30 bucks and only worn once.  If it is something that you can wear again and again, go ahead and spend a bit more.  It is worth it.

AKA dress, vintage blazer, NYCO scarf, Payless shoes, Roberta Chiarella earrings.



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7 responses to “AKA Dress

  1. I love birthday splurges!!
    It’s great that you found a piece that can get so much wear, those are the true closet gems.

  2. I never used to allow myself to spend “big” money at a store that I considered out of my reach. I’d go in and look around, but buy? Never! I knew my good little middle-class girl values, and it certainly didn’t involve purchasing something NICE for myself! “Gettin’ on your high horse, are you?” (I’ve really heard those words before…) But I realized along the line, that was THEIR problems and not mine. Now, if it’s something I think I’ll wear a lot and it’s expensive, I’ll buy it. Good for me!!

  3. And can I just say, I love the way you have taught me to mix “high-low”–It’s SO smart!! (adorable dress on you–you look like a model!!)

  4. Desert Flower

    This is a lesson that took a while for me to learn. When I undertook a massive closet purge a few years ago, I realized I was getting rid of a lot of F21, H&M, Target, etc. Not that you can’t get great pieces at those places. Most of mine was impulse buys, things that didn’t fit well or look right. I definitely buy far fewer things, although some are definitely low end, and I wear them much more often.

    I love this dress on you!

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