Alligator Clutch

Vintage pieces are so special because they come with a past, yet most times you don’t know anything about a piece’s history.  I wish that every piece I owned came with a little bit about where it came from, who previously owned it, and where it has been. Unfortunately, this information rarely comes with a piece.  Sometimes though you are lucky enough to talk to the original owner or the seller knows a piece’s history.  Recently, I bought an alligator clutch and tucked inside was a note from the original owner.  I can’t tell you how excited I was to find it!  Having that piece of history attached to my clutch makes it much more special.  I know  I will cherish for years to come.  Do you think knowing a piece’s history makes it more special?

Vintage alligator clutch.

 The note says, “Dad gave me this during World War II.  I think Velma helped him pick it out==It cost $80.00 in those days.  Bought shoes to match at Robinson’s S. A.  –$64.00–Most expensive I ever owned.  Still have them also.”



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4 responses to “Alligator Clutch

  1. How cool is that? To have the actual history behind a vintage piece is like having insight into someone else’s life story. Very special…

  2. that clutch is fabulous–love the little note 🙂 B’s grandma writes things like that and tucks them into pieces she gives away

  3. sarah

    that is so cool! and what a great clutch 🙂

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