Time for Tights

While it is not quite tight season here in Austin, most of the country is experiencing weather cold enough to warrant tights.  I buy the same tights every year–Spanx Tight End Tights High-Waisted tights.  They are wonderful.  They stay put all day and they are comfortable.  They don’t cause a fat roll that I have found some tights create.  And the best part?  I have found they last at least two seasons.  That is two seasons of regular wear.  So while they are more expensive than your average drugstore brand, they are worth every penny.    What kind of tights do you wear?  Are you a Spanx devotee like I am?



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4 responses to “Time for Tights

  1. I have the Reversible tights from Spanx, in brown/black. And I LOVE them. They’re substantial, not shiny, and since I rarely wear skirts, I’ve had them for more than 2 seasons!! I’d like to try the high-waisted ones;I could use some self-control!!

  2. I have/had one pair of Spanx tights. I can’t say for sure if I still have them because my tight drawer is in such a ridiculous state of madness.
    I usually buy Hue because I can find them at Marshall’s or TJMaxx. I just bought a pair from Madewell that were surprisingly comfortable all day. I hate when the waistband digs into my skin.

  3. I have some Nordstrom tights and some DKNY tights that actually aren’t bad, but I still buy a couple pairs of Spanx every year at the Nordstrom anniversary sale because they are wonderfully opaque and don’t dig into my waist. They really are fabulous.

  4. Cola

    I LOVE the Spanx reversible!

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