Spend or Save?

I currently have an addiction to cropped sweaters.  The love affair started with my black Forever 21 sweater.  Next came my Phillip 3.1 white sweater;  I love it SO much that I bought two of them.  Now, I am collecting cropped sweaters in all colors.  They pair perfectly with my higher- waisted skirts I am also currently addicted to.  My most recent addition is a navy one.  I had been wanting this Vince sweater, but wasn’t sure if I could justify the price.

Then I saw this Gap sweater on Kendi.


But I didn’t want to have to wear a top underneath, so  I went with this Old Navy sweater.  I feel like I have been an Old Navy spokesperson recently.  Usually their fabric isn’t nice, their fit is off, and overall the quality is lacking.  Not with their sweaters.  I have been super impressed with their sweaters this season.  Their shoes and pants?  Not so much. I keep returning those, but their sweaters?  I am keeping them.

I still might buy the Vince one.  It is hard to justify a 200+ sweater when you live in Texas, but if it goes on sale, it will be mine!  Do you wear cropped sweaters?




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5 responses to “Spend or Save?

  1. Ooo…I love all things Vince, so I’d find a way to justify it. (that’s typical for me….”Um…we could have a day where it gets cold, so I should be prepared, because the Boy Scouts motto is ‘Be Prepared’ and I’m married to a former Boy Scout. Oh, definitely I NEED that sweater for the sake of my marriage!”) lol…
    *I do wear cropped sweaters, but only with a tank or tee underneath;I’m super-long waisted.

  2. Vince makes the nicest stuff, so I can definitely see why you would go for that sweater.
    I really can’t do cropped tops because of my short torso. They just don’t work for me.

  3. I love cropped sweaters, I have a few. Most of the time I wear them with an underneath top. I really like Vince one, but I can justify that price it in any way ; )

  4. I just got a striped cropped sweater and yes, I definitely love them. And I’ll have to check out the Old Navy sweaters – I just haven’t yet.

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