Just like Sweats

Some days you just want to wear sweats in public, but even though you really want to, you REALLY shouldn’t.  How can you be comfortable and still look pulled together?  A maxi skirt, sweater, and statement necklace combo is the perfect answer.  I promise you will be comfortable all day and you will not receive any side glances for wearing your sweats outside the house.  Comfort is important sometimes, but you shouldn’t look like you are wearing your house clothes in public.  This outfit worked for me all day.  I ran a couple errands, met with some clients, and then hosted a small dinner with family at my house.  I think I have also discovered the perfect dinner hosting outfit.  Better yet?  My husband doesn’t despise this look like he does my “house dresses”.

I am also DONE with my hair, but my hair anointment is still two weeks away. I am O.V.E.R. my hair.  It is limp and boring no matter what I do.  I am thinking of going a bit darker and shorter.  Any thoughts?

 Forever 21 top, Old Navy maxi skirt, sandals that can’t be seen, necklace from ?.



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6 responses to “Just like Sweats

  1. I’m guilty of wearing sweats in public. Well, OK, I justify it since they’re black yoga pants, and I wear a cute tee and cardi on top. But it really doesn’t take much effort to take it up a notch. Thanks for the reminder! (and your necklace reminds me of one I just saw on Nordstrom.com!!)

  2. I guess great minds think alike – I wore a maxi and a sweater yesterday! And agree that it’s super comfy – just like sweats. 😉

  3. mamavalveeta03

    As for hairstyles: You remind me of the beautiful Kate Bosworth, so I think one of her styles like this one: http://www.realbeauty.com/cm/realbeauty/images/jL/rby-celeb-hair-bosworth-whitney-2007-de.jpg would be great on you. It’s a little shorter and with a few more layers, and you could even carry-off a blonder color very well!

    • Love a bob, but I am wondering if the blond is too much upkeep? Let’s be honest. I am kind f lazy when it comes to my hair. I will show my hairdresser this photo. Thanks, Val!


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      • mamavalveeta03

        I’d just add a few highlights, that way when they grow out, you won’t have to have them redone if you don’t want to. You’d only have to have highlight done about every 3-4 months. Not TOO much upkeep…right?

      • I get my done every 8-10 weeks and I feel like my roots are horrible by the time I go in for a color. Maybe I can get a few more blonde ones…………

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