Quick Change

Yesterday morning I had on this:

But I felt like it was too spring-y.  So I changed my shirt and ended up wearing this.

Vintage skirt, J. Crew top, Rachel Leigh necklace, Payless shoes.

I felt better in the darker color pallet.  While I don’t put away my bright colors in the fall and winter, this week I have been craving darker colors.  I am sure next week I will back to craving colors.

I am looking forward to wearing this watercolor skirt with many different pieces.  I love pieces like this, because while at first they might not seem easy to wear, they are actually really versatile.  This skirt can be worn with navy, black, mustard, grey, colbalt, and stripes.  What would you pair with this skirt?



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9 responses to “Quick Change

  1. J.

    I love how sophisticated the blue feels! I think I’d go for a black top, it always feels to unexpected!

  2. LOVE the print on that skirt–what a great find!

  3. I love the second one, the skirt looks really good on you. I am conservative with prints, stripes is as fas as I go : )

  4. It is really interesting to me on how much the change in tops reallly changes the total look. I think you look more “serious” with the darker top on. Still cute, but serious.

  5. I love it in both colours

  6. I can see that with a chunky sweater, tan or a lighter shade of green.
    Love the skirt by the way!!

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