Schoolboy Blazer

I wear this navy schoolboy blazer more than any of my (5!) black blazers.  Lately, I have been topping my dresses with it to make them seem more fall appropriate even though the temps in Austin are still summer-like.  While I love my black blazers, and they are a wardrobe staple, I think a navy blazer is even more versatile.  It can easily be worn year round and goes with so many different colors.  Pair it with any sundress or summery piece to instantly make your outfit seem more seasonally appropriate.  I wore mine yesterday to work and last week to shop with a client.  Do you have a navy schoolboy blazer?

Rebecca Taylor dress, Gap blazer, Aldo shoes, Stella and Dot brooches.

81 Poppies dress, Gap blazer, Nine West shoes, Stella and Dot brooch.


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9 responses to “Schoolboy Blazer

  1. I’m down in Houston and wear the crap outta my Gap Navy Blazer, too. I love that it’s finished so nicely, but it’s still lighter-weight. Perfect for this TX heat. I really love your emerald/ navy combo above. Super chic!

  2. I do–and I think it’s the same one that you have. I kind of forgot about it…does that mean it’s time for that closet rehab I’ve been talking about forever???!!!

  3. I love all of the colors paired together in the second outfit.
    I have two navy blazers and one looks just like yours. It gets so much wear.

  4. Heh. I’m wearing emerald and navy today too. Although, my emerald photographed as teal…

  5. I don’t wear blazers that often, but combined with a dress it’s a wonderful idea. Thanks for the inspiration. (Although I don’t have a navy blazer. I guess this gives me a good reason to go shopping! ;-))

  6. Its so true blazers are super veratile

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