Sequins for Day

This top is probably my favorite vintage find ever. It can be worn as a cardigan or turned around and worn as a top.   It wasn’t a steal, but vintage shouldn’t always be a steal.  You are paying for quality pieces, that if made now, would cost 3 times whatever it is you are getting ready to pay.  You are paying for uniqueness, something that you won’t see on anyone else.  And, you are paying for a little piece of history. I wish I knew the story behind every vintage piece I own.  That would be amazing.

I wore this to film a news segment for our shop coming up next Saturday.  I spoke about our goal:  providing affordable vintage for the modern woman.  Let’s be honest.  Sometimes, ok a lot of times, vintage can be costume-y.  It doesn’t have to be.  Vintage pieces can be on trend, while remaining timeless and elegant.    You might feel like you have to be a trendsetter or hipster to wear vintage.  Not the case.  We have curated about 400 pieces of vintage that would easily work for the modern woman.  If you have ever wanted to wear vintage, but aren’t sure how, our shop is for you.  And, we are keeping it affordable.  If you are local, come by and see us next Saturday at Touch of Sass on 5th and Lamar.
  Target t-shirt, vintage sequin cardigan/top, J Brand skinnies, Anthro shoes.

 Sharon, Grechen, Anne, and I.  We are all wearing vintage pieces, but look modern, right?



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8 responses to “Sequins for Day

  1. You ladies look fabulous! And I wish I lived close enough to come visit your shop – I’d love to incorporate a little vintage/thrifted into my wardrobe, but I’m not sure I have the patience and/or the eye to locate the real winners by myself…

  2. What a GORGEOUS group of well-dressed, well-styled women! Fab. I feel like I always struggle with vintage because the good stuff I find is always small (apparently, rich ladies are small, imagine that?!? lol…)

    • I hear ya! So many really great things I have found have been way small, but lately I have been finding more and more fabulous pieces that work for lots of sizes. Why did so many women have tiny waists?

      • Ask Grechen that question! I’m always razzing her about her tiny waist (I, on the other hand, am built like a tree trunk! A sturdy oak, maybe, but a tree none the less!)

  3. You all look amazing – such a fabulous example of making vintage look modern.

  4. Desert Flower

    You all look great and there is no way to tell the vintage pieces from the recently made, except yours and I only know that because you told us.

  5. You all look fabulous! We don’t really have good vintage shops around here, unfortunately, but maybe I should search a little harder. I’d love to find some amazing pieces like you!

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