Would Recommend…..

I ordered several pieces from Old Navy recently and wanted to share with you my recommendations.  Old Navy’s quality can be hit or miss, but these pieces were definitely all hits!

This sweater is pretty great. I wish it were a little more richer in color, but the shape is really great.  I sized down with this one and was happy with the cropped fit.

If you are looking for something like a fisherman’s sweater without the bulk, this might be a good option for you (Val!).  Again, I sized down in this sweater and really like the fit.

This sweater looks more expensive than 30 dollars.

The drape on this maxi skirt makes it seem much more expensive.  I ordered a tall small (one size down from my normal) and love that I can wear heels with it.  I can also hike it up and turn it into a dress.  Double duty!



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7 responses to “Would Recommend…..

  1. I especially love the stripey sweater. Very cute! We don’t have Old Navy here, so I have no idea what the quality is, but it looks like you found some nice items!

  2. Oh, I was hoping you’d give a review on the camel sweater. I’ve been looking at it.

  3. oooooooooo thanks for the recs! more cropped sweaters!

  4. I’ve got that second one in the mail to me right now – I really like the texture to add something a little extra to a plain sweater. Good to know it’s nice in person! I like the shape of the first one; might have to check that out too, because goodness knows sweaters are all I’m going to be wearing soon enough around here – I buy a couple reasonably expensive ones every year since by the end of every winter I HATE every sweater I own!

  5. The sweaters are so cute! I feel like you, that Old Navy’s quality and fit are hit or miss. But I never complain when I can size down!!! I’m going to check out the sweaters, and maybe even the skirt now that you and Grechen have me wearing maxis!!

  6. I’m in love with the 2nd and 3rd sweaters! Also, I’m really tempted to add to my maxi skirt collection and grab that wine colored one before it sells out. I hope you feature these lovelies soon because I’d love to see how you style them.

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