Wardrobe Basics: Jeans

You might think, “Uh. Duh, Sydney! I know jeans are a wardrobe basic.”  Which is true.  Every woman has a pair of jeans in her wardrobe, but I don’t mean just any jeans.  I am referring to dark denim, ones   without any embellishments or whiskering.  Denim trends go in and out. Some seasons acid wash jeans are in, while other seasons distressed denim is all the rage.  What never goes out style?  Dark jeans.  Sleek jeans.  Jeans that make you seem thinner and taller.  That is what a pair of dark wash jeans will do for you.  You should have a pair of these in your closet.  They can be skinny, wide-leg, bootcut, or straight-leg.  Whatever works for your body.

No matter the style, they should always be a higher rise.  Low -rise jeans can easily create a muffin top.  I have had clients tell me , ” Oh I have a muffin top, so pants are an issue.”  I always inform them that they don’t have a muffin top, they are wearing low-rise pants that create a muffin top.  I dumped my low-rise jeans a couple of years ago.  They are better for those  in their early 20s.  Now, all of my jeans have a higher rise.

My g0-to brand are J Brand.  They are clean and sleek, and the pockets are free of any embellishments.  I have bell bottom jeans, straight-leg, and wide-leg.  Here are some of my picks for dark jeans.

If you are looking for a skinnier leg, these J Brand jeans are great.

If wide-leg is your thing, these Madewell widelegger jeans are perfect for you.

Widelegger Jeans in Explorer Wash

Dark denim on the cheap?  Try these from Old Navy.

Do you have a pair of dark jeans in your closet?



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8 responses to “Wardrobe Basics: Jeans

  1. I pretty much only do dark jeans – and have them in skinny, straight leg, and flare. Seems silly to have so many, but they really suit different occasions (and heel heights)! I’m a big believer in the dark jean for how slimming and dressy they can be – the real trick was getting my husband to consider wearing darker jeans. I don’t know what his hang-up was with them, but once I convinced him to get a couple pairs, he looks much snazzier for date night 🙂

  2. All of my jeans are dark denim, with the exception of my summer whites. They are SO much more flattering on me, and I have several different styles of them: skinny, wide-leg trousers, and boot cut. They’ll never go out of style!

  3. I thought I did, but everytime I pull them out I think they’re not quite dark enough and that I need to get some truly dark jeans. Great, now I *have* to go shopping. 😉

  4. Tomorrow I have to go shopping too. Just today I have been thinking I needed some darker blue jeans, and now I read your post. It must be a sign! 😉

  5. I bought a really dark pair of Gap jeans last month, I was thinking on buying wide leg but I wasn’t sure so I finished with another pair of skinnies. Maybe next time…

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