Rehearsal Dinner

This past weekend, I headed to a small town in Illinois to celebrate one of my dear friend’s wedding.  It was a blast!  We stayed a true bed and breakfast, something I had never done before.  And, quite frankly, was nervous about.  Would I have to eat with lots of people I have never met?  Thankfully, no.  Would there be scary dolls everywhere?  There were a few.  Would I have to make small talk with the owner constantly (something I loathe)?  A little.  But you know what? It was a really wonderful experience.  I was spoiled rotten by a gorgeous, multiple- course breakfast each morning, and a fantastic claw-footed tub.  Already, my normal shower and coffee and toast breakfast seem far inferior. What did you do this weekend?

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent slip dress, Anthroplogie jacket, Nine West pumps, Old Navy belt, Chanel bag.



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7 responses to “Rehearsal Dinner

  1. oh so pretty! you look beautiful!

  2. Oh, that jacket is beautiful. This outfit looks perfect for a wedding!!
    I love a claw-foot tub!!! I’m glad to hear you had a good b&b experience because I’ve always wanted to stay in one.

  3. lauren s

    LOVE your jacket. I’m glad you enjoyed your b&b, finding a nice one can be a bit more work than just booking a hotel but they’re one of my favoite places to stay.

  4. You look fabulous. I love that jacket and am glad the bed and breakfast wasn’t terrible.

  5. You look very pretty–and just right for a wedding. You and I have the same fears and dislikes when it comes to B & B’s. It think my phobia goes back to a time when my husband and I ended up staying in a campground of RV’s as a last resort in our teensy pup-tent (all of the national park campsites were taken). Meanwhile our next door “neighbor” showed my husband his open-heart surgery scar! I was hiding out in the tent…Serious. Totally serious.

  6. It’s kind of ironic, because my husband tends to be the introvert and me, the extrovert. But I’m just not into making small talk about surgical scars!! lol… You must be a lot better than you think, or you wouldn’t have so many clients!!

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