Topped with a Blazer

I have spoken before about topping outfits with a blazer for immediate polish to any outfit.  It is true.  But surprisingly, I find that many of my clients don’t have fitted blazers or associate blazers with suits, and therefore don’t wear them.  Blazers are a staple in my wardrobe and really go with everything: suits, skirts, dresses, jeans, and shorts.  Fitted blazers are also a great way to add some structure to an otherwise over-sized or flowy outfit.  If you don’t have a fitted blazer, but you do have a fabulous suit, try folding the sleeves and pushing them up to make your blazer seem less suit-like.  If you don’t have a fabulous fitted blazer, go get one!  Or, come to our shop October 22nd.  We have a TON of gorgeous fitted blazers.

Yesterday I wore my blazer to a meeting, shopping with a client, skying with a client, and then happy hour with a my good friend, Kate.  An outfit like this really can take you from day to night.  The only thing I changed from this picture was add another brooch at lunch.  Two or three brooches are always better than one!

Vogel 10 dress stolen from Grechen, Gap blazer, Aldo shoes, Furla bag, Stella and dot brooch, gifted bangles.


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6 responses to “Topped with a Blazer

  1. before i scrolled down, i wanted to ask you about the dress LOL
    it’s so amazing on you…

  2. Love the blazer – so sharp! I sometimes hesitate to wear mine with dresses because I wonder if it’s too long – it hits pretty well below my hips. Maybe an excuse to look for a more cropped one 🙂

    p.s. love your bag – now that’s a grownup purse!

  3. I love the lipcolor, Sydney!! You look amazing. (and I totally cracked-up when I checked out the credits for your outfit–THAT was priceless!!! )

  4. Love the navy blazer. You look so chic.

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