Entertaining at Home

Outfits for entertaining at home always give me a hard time.  If I am at home, I am in comfortable clothes, usually a cotton dress, and barefoot.  In the colder months I wear leggings and an over-sized sweater, or a dress with a sweater.  Chic? Far from it, but I am in my home and I want to be comfortable.  I am dressed in acceptable enough attire so that I won’t offend the mailman, but come to my home unannounced, and this is what you will find me in.  I am warning  you now.

So, getting dressed for a party I am hosting at my home always trips me up.  I want to be barefoot.  It feels strange to wear heels in my own home.  Of course this is not really acceptable. And, I would never go to someone else’s home without shoes.  In fact, I would probably wear heels.   Lately I have been relying on sandals and maxi dresses, but since my husband hates them more than anything, I mixed it up recently.  We held an outdoor movie night for a friend’s 30th birthday.  It was a small gathering, but I actually wore heels and jeans.  I was still very casual, because again, I was at home, but it is a step up from bare feet and a maxi dress.  I need to know if I am alone here?  I will get dressed if people are coming over, but it feels really strange to walk around my home in heels and anything but a casual dress.  What do you wear to entertain at your home?

J Brand jeans, thrifted silk top, Old Navy Wedges, J.Crew/Forever 21 necklace.

Oh, and we have decided that movie night should become a monthly thing.  All we had to do was pin a white sheet to our fence and borrow a projector.  I highly recommend it!  



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6 responses to “Entertaining at Home

  1. you know I don’t wear shoes in the house b/c I’m asian like that so feel free not to wear shoes when you come over as well 🙂 you look great and I LOVE the idea of outdoor movie night!!

  2. How fun!! We used to do that when my husband was in seminary and none of us couples had any money. So, whomever hosted got to choose the movie and everyone would bring snacks and BYOB. It was a blast and one of our best memories.

  3. I’ve tried to explain that to him and he just thinks it’s too much trouble if he’s going to go back outside in 15 minutes or so. Maybe if I put a chair in the entryway?? (thinking out loud….)

  4. I hear ya…my “home” outfits are crazy casual, and we don’t wear shoes inside either. Actually, very few of my friends wear shoes in their houses (Asian or non-Asian), so I don’t usually wear heels when I’m going to someone’s house so my pant hems aren’t dragging around once my shoes are off.

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