Crafty Cravings: Gilded Pumpkins

I am a total wannabe crafter.  I would love to be crafty, but I am not really.  Every now and then I will tackle a project, but usually I get an idea and never follow through with it; however, this time, I actually followed through.    This past week I saw this idea for gilded pumpkins on Centsational Girl‘s weekly links.  It was an easy, although time consuming project.  It is the perfect project to tackle while catching up on bad reality TV.  Luckily, I watch a lot of bad reality TV!

All you need for this project is foam pumpkins, gold spray paint, thumbtacks, and bad reality TV loaded on your DVR.   I spray painted these foam pumpkins then covered them in thumbtacks.  Super easy!

I have one last pumpkin to tackle.   I debated leaving it, but I think I am going to thumbtack it.  What do you think?  Leave it or thumbtack it?



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4 responses to “Crafty Cravings: Gilded Pumpkins

  1. fun project…great job! i would leave’s nice to have one or two odd things…i do that around our house a lot.

  2. That is so cool–If I didn’t have about a million things I really SHOULD be doing, I’d lie and say that I would be making several of these. But, there I go, being honest and telling you that I was going to lie…

  3. Sydney I LOVE this idea! Always looking for fall decorating ideas that aren’t kitschy. Love love love

  4. That is so pretty!! I would have thought that was something you picked up at HomeGoods or something.
    I think you should just leave that last one gold. It looks good “naked”.

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