The Return of the Uniform

With the temperatures dropping, I am finally able to rely on my go-to uniform: jeans, a silk top, and a a statement necklace.  It never fails, and always helps me feel appropriate no matter where my day takes me.

I talked about my love for silk tops on yesterday, and I just want to comment again on how great they are.  They really are just as easy as t-shirts, but way more pulled together.  Grechen and I were talking about silk yesterday, and she was saying that the upkeep for silk is annoying.  This doesn’t stop me from buying up silk tops, dresses, jackets, and skirts. It feels fabulous on the skin and always looks more polished than jersey, so I suffer through the upkeep.  How about you?  Do you like wearing silk?

Vintage silk top, Jbrand skinnies, Gucci shoes, and Stella and Dot necklace.  This was the most non-awkward face of all my pictures, and it is pretty awkward.  Nice.


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7 responses to “The Return of the Uniform

  1. Perfect uniform – just as easy (and comfortable – I hate that excuse) as jeans and a t-shirt, but looks so put together and polished!

  2. I have a silk shirt I bought from Madewell, and I just wore it the other day with a cardi. I loved the way it felt! I, like Grechen, have worried about the upkeep, but I didn’t even end up with a wrinkle the other day!!! (and no, not awkward, but more “Mona Lisa”–What were you up to just before that picture was taken???!!!)

    • I am loving Madewell’s silk tops. I was just hanging in my back yard, taking pictures. Totally normal. I was in a rush, which is why they were so awkward.

      Sent from my phone. Please excuse any mistakes.

  3. Oh, goodness, that necklace is amazing. You always have the best necklaces.

    And I love silk – I have a few tunics and tops that I wash and dry anyway. I guess that’s bad?

  4. I bought an equipment silk shirt on sale and I am so in love with it that I don’t mind taking it to the dry cleaners. The look is really polished and it felts amazing…I definitely will buy more silk tops.

    By the way, the necklace is beautiful!

  5. Great timing with this! I just found out that I’ll get three days to visit Chicago next week and am trying to figure out what to pack. There will be sightseeing, but the chance that I’ll have to be available to meet up with DBF and his work colleagues for drinks (poor me! 🙂 I’ve been trying to figure out what to bring that can be comfortable enough for both, considering there may not be time to change. I think I’m stealing your uniform with flats for day and I’ll keep heels in my bag.

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