Gorilla Jacket

I love DVF.  I do.  But seriously.  What is this?  I can’t decide if it is more like a gorilla or Chewbacca.   What do you think?



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5 responses to “Gorilla Jacket

  1. Mmmmm….maybe an Ostrich? I can kind of see the body and the model’s head could be the bird head. Without my glasses, I’d be seriously terrified if I saw her walking down the road toward me!! (I thought my husband was perusing a bridal website the other day–thought he’d lost his marbles–and then I put my glasses on. The “bride” was a white gull, the “gorgeous crystal earrings”? A pair of small birds sitting on the beach.)

  2. S

    I’ll try to find you one in NYC this weekend 🙂

  3. J.

    Hmmm….I’d try it on, but it would probably stay at the store…it’s definitely gorilla though!

  4. um this would swallow me whole! very scary! 🙂

  5. hmmmm i think they call this the fugly monster… yikes!


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