Whites after Labor Day

Hooray!  The temps fell below 100 yesterday, so I actually took a picture of my outfit this week.  I met with two clients this week  to assess their fall wardrobe and both wanted to know if it was OK wear white pants into fall.  Of course my answer was, “YES!” I do not pack up my whites after Labor Day.  I just make them seem more fall-ish.  For now, while it is still technically summer, and the temps are still warm, I will just top my white dresses with a blazer.  When the temps fall even more, I will add black tights, booties, and a black blazer to really make my white dresses more season appropriate.

White pants can be worn well past spring and summer as long as the other parts of your outfit are season appropriate.  Top your white pants with a camel sweater, black t-shirt and black blazer, or a secretary blouse in a fall color.  Instead of wearing sandals with your white pants, pair them with booties, loafers, or pumps.  With that being said, I did make my clients put away their white linen pants.  Unless you live by the beach, linen is too hard to make season appropriate.  Are you continuing to wear your whites?

Steven Alan dress, GAP blazer, Tory Burch heels, vintage brooches, thrifted belt, and Dannijo bracelets.



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3 responses to “Whites after Labor Day

  1. This dress looks so great with a blazer! The darker shoes definitely make it feel more fall too.

    Love your tips on wearing white… I’ve been working on ways to wear my white jeans during the summer-fall transition, partly just to get more use out of them! I love white jeans for summer, but around here you can’t really wear them unless you want to sweat a lot, so fall weather is actually more suitable. My latest attempt was a camel/leopard sweater – what do you think?!

  2. lauren s.

    absolutely love this and think it’s completely fall appropriate. I agree with Anne that the shoes really make this a “fall” look.

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