Lady-like Leather

This is almost sold out, and I can totally see why.  Being swathed in leather might seem like something only a biker chick would do, but its simple, lady-like silhouette makes this dress totally work appropriate. Of course, only if you work in a creative environment.   While I am not sure a leather dress is really my thing, this dress is really gorgeous.

While a leather dress might not really be my style, I did recently pick up a leather skirt.  For 3 dollars.  And, it fits like a glove.  I might not be ready for a leather dress, but I am beyond excited to wear my new leather skirt.



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6 responses to “Lady-like Leather

  1. Desert Flower

    I love that dress too. Last fall I got a leather shell that has proven amazingly versatile. I even wear it during the summer since it’s sleeveless, although some Arizona days are just too hot. I think you’ll get a lot of use from your skirt. Can’t wait to see it in OOTD!

  2. Wowza…that is one killer dress. For some reason, it fascinates me. I usually keep leather to just accessories and jackets, but I’m excited to see how you style the skirt!

  3. sarah

    ack, i love that dress!! the cut is awesome!

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