Dressing for Fall When it is Hot

I am yearning for fall even though it is still summer in Austin.  I get like this at the end of every season.  Well, at the end of summer and the end of winter.  Austin really only has two seasons.  Towards the end of the season, I am ready for the next.  Enjoying the current season is something I should work on, but instead  I am looking forward to layers and blazers and jeans and jackets and booties.  So for now (these were really taken last week), I am dressing in semi-fallish pieces without burning up.  What are you wearing right now?


81 Poppies top, J. Crew skirt, random wedges.

Top from Langford Market, 81 Poppies shorts, Payless shoes.


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2 responses to “Dressing for Fall When it is Hot

  1. I hate the in-between time, because I’m dying to wear my new fall clothes-sweaters and scarves and all of that good stuff-but I’m too warm to wear them yet. So here I am in J.Crew shorts and a Gap striped tank top. Boring….yawn….

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