I haven’t been taking outfit pictures for two reasons:  I am kind of sick of looking at my face on here and I am over my summer wardrobe.  When the temps drop a bit, I will take more pictures.  Or, maybe I give in and realize that we are going to have soaring temps until October and I will just deal with it.

So, for now, I am trolling the interwebs looking for fun pieces.  Have you seen these cute shooties by Lela Rose for Payless? I am having a hard time getting into the platform loafer trend because I wore those in high school, but I am loving the loafer nod in this shoe.  What do you think about them? Are you into loafer platforms?

Womens Lela Rose for PaylessWomen's Fulton Tassel Shootie


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7 responses to “Payless

  1. I think those are pretty cute!

  2. Loafers are everywhere. I really like Lela Rose for Payless, even though I haven’t actually buy any of her shoes. I am in a shopping restrain, also I have a brown leather pair of loafers from a couple of years ago and I am still figuring out if I am going to keep them or sell them…

  3. I love those…and don’t they look about 10 times more expensive than they are?
    I just bought a pair of loafer heels from Marais USA, but I’ve had a VERY negative customer service experience and I am so disappointed! So, I’m on the hunt for loafer heels again….anyone in the market for a pair of loafer heels that are brand new and marked size 11, but feel like a 9???

  4. Those are absolutely adorable!! I’ve been wondering if I should even bother with the loafer trend. It screams school uniform to me although, having a heel helps.

    I’m tired of this warm/hot weather too because it is totally draining ideas for cute outfits.

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