Ebay Obsessed

Lately I have been a little Ebay obsessed.  I spent a fairly good chunk of my weekend trolling the internet searching for vintage pieces.  I bid on WAY more than I should, but thankfully, I am getting outbid on a few pieces.  Ebay and Etsy are really great for finding interesting vintage pieces.  Sure, you will spend more than your average thrift store, but many times you can find really gorgeous pieces.    Do you Ebay/Etsy shop?

Here is one piece on its way to me. I am looking forward to wearing it with a jean jacket for day, and pair it with a colored heel at night.

I am excited to wear this top with jeans and nude kitten heels for day.  For night, I would still keep the jeans, but pair the sweater with a gold d’orsay heel for a more dramatic effect.

This black and gold one from Etsy is also coming to me.  For day, I will pair it with a blazer and wedges. For night, I will ditch the blazer and add some fun jewelry.

RESERVED for basiccravings ///////// vintage. 60s SPARKLY Cocktail Dress



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7 responses to “Ebay Obsessed

  1. lauren s.

    LOVE that sequined top. such a great find. I haven’t used Ebay although I’ve looked several times, that site just makes me trigger shy for some reason. I do love Etsy though and I’ve found some great vintage pieces. It might be more expensive than thrifting, but it’s much easier to find exactly what you’re looking for 🙂

  2. That dress is gorgeous and I think it seems very YOU. Love it! So is the black dress vintage or did someone design it on etsy? It looks so modern! Great finds!!

  3. Ann

    I’d love to know your favorite etsy shops!

  4. can’t wait to see these on you and how you’ll style them!

  5. Love the last one–stunning!

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