I picked up this dress at Thrift Town last week for 3 dollars.  It is several sizes too big, but by adding a belt, it fits!  I may or may not get it taken in.  I have a pile of pieces that need alterations and I am afraid my bill is going to end up being quite hefty.  Why pay someone to fix it when I can just belt it myself?  I could bust out my sewing machine and do it myself, but I feel like that will never happen.  Do you fix your own pieces or take them to the tailor?

Thrifted dress, Halogen jacket, Forever 21 shoes and belt.



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5 responses to “Tribal

  1. I love the dress Sydney! There’s a similar tribal print dress by MJ on Net-a-Porter right now.

    I usually try and fix things myself. I also belt items that are slightly too big– it’s an easy fix for many dresses.

  2. We have a running joke in our family (directed toward me, of course!): “I love to sew! I sew all the time!!!” This was declared by me to my former sister in law, who asked me if I’d mind sewing my bridesmaid dress because I was 5 months pregnant at the time and couldn’t wear the standard BM dress. No wonder their wedding “didn’t take”!! lol…

  3. I always see thrifted clothes in your blogs, in Spain where I live we are not used to that. People just doesn’t like things second hand, clothes, furniture…I lived in California and I loved that you could afford things that you could not buy any other way. I just make changes in new things I don´t like any more, like in this post:

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