When I shop at any kind of thrift store, I rarely focus on the size of pieces.  Size doesn’t matter.  And focusing your size while shopping second-hand is a bit of a waste of time.  If it is vintage you are seeking, you may have to go up 3 or 4 sizes.  And, who really cares if the label is 4 sizes bigger than your “normal” size.  No one will know.

When it comes to dresses, if you can belt it, you can make it fit.  Or, you can take it to a tailor, but sometimes I am lazy and opt for belting instead of tailoring.

Sometimes, smaller sizes work out for you, too.  I once bought a blazer that was a  2 petite.  Um. I am not petite nor anywhere near a size 2, but it worked.  Lesson: You should check all sizes and don’t be afraid to try it on because it is not your “size”.  You never know what great things you will find.

This dress is two sizes too big, but with a belt and some finagling, it fits!

Nine West dress from Goodwill, thrifted belt, Old Navy shoes.

This is what happens when my dog won’t stop barking and my neighbor yells, “Cut it OUT!”



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4 responses to “Sizing

  1. put a belt on it! love that 2nd face, I can totally see you doing that in your previous life as a teacher 🙂

  2. mamavalveeta03

    That is so funny! “Use your inside voice!” Cute, Sydney!

  3. I love that you belted this dress with a colored belt – it’s just fabulous.

    And I think this is super advice for anyone who thrifts or like vintage clothing – sizing is completely wacky. I have clothes from size 10 (which I am decidedly not) up to 16 or 18 (also not), but it works, depending on the era.

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