Colorful Work Wear

Something I hear all the time from clients is, “How do I dress appropriately for work and still feel like myself?”  That and, “What do you mean capris aren’t flattering!?!?!”  But today we are talking about how to look like yourself at work, not capris.

I know I have spoken about this before, but we are talking about it again.  Beating a dead horse?  Maybe!  The easiest way to feel like yourself at work is to wear colors you love.  If you inject fun colors and patterns in conservative shapes, you will definitely feel more like yourself.  And, conservative  shapes are relative to your office place.  This outfit would work in a creative work environment, but I would have never worn a sleeveless shirt in my old work environment.  You can easily switch out the top for one with sleeves and a smaller heel if your workplace requires it.

Also wearing fun jewelry is  a great way to feel a bit more “fashion-y” at work.  Again, some pieces are NOT appropriate for work, but this statement necklace would totally fly in a creative environment.  What kind of workplace do you work in?

Vintage top and skirt, Banana Republic heels, Rachel Leigh necklace.



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7 responses to “Colorful Work Wear

  1. you always think of such great color combinations!! love the necklace too!

  2. The color palette of this outfit is just gorgeous!! I love all of the pieces and how they are all professional but still fun.

    I work in a business casual environment so I usually keep things conservative as I can, but I love color and definitely add flair with jewelry and a fun shoe from time to time

  3. Such a great color combo! So professional, but still fun and a bit funky! I work in a business casual creative office, so I tend to wear color and funky jewelry, but tone it down if I have to meet a corporate client.

  4. lauren s.

    love this! one of my favorite outfits is a similar combo with a more muted green skirt and a brighter cobalt top. my office is incredibly casual but I tend to dress business creative since it makes the mornings more enjoyable, lol.

  5. Those colors are awesome together! I also just noticed that you are wearing the same shoes with this outfit that you posted with the yellow AFW dress! I like!

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