Friday’s Outfits

Friday was spent lunching with Grechen, helping a client pack for New York, and meeting up with friends for drinks and appetizers.  I attempted to pretend it wasn’t still blazing hot outside and wear a jacket.  Luckily, Austin is A/C friendly and everyone keeps the A/C low, so it really wasn’t that bad.  This past weekend was the hottest of the summer, but it looks like the temperatures are going to finallyFINALLY drop.  And by drop, I mean hover around a 100.  I’ll take it!

This is what I wore to meet with my client and lunch with Grechen.

Enza Costa mullet dress, Anthropologie jacket, Old Navy heels, Forever 21/J.Crew necklaces, and thrifted belt.

After work, I came home and changed into something cooler because I knew that drinks and appetizers with friends would eventually lead to sitting outside.

Forever 21 top, J. Crew shorts, Seychelles shoes, vintage Coach bag.

What did you wear on Friday?



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6 responses to “Friday’s Outfits

  1. I agree! Both of these outfits are fabulous, but I especially love the color mix of the second one and those cute shoes.

  2. J.

    I’m a fan of the first look…I love neutrals…

  3. mamavalveeta03

    Wow…Friday was a long time ago! I know…we were preparing for Hurricane Irene, so we were shopping for food that would sustain us through the storm (Cheetos, chocolate, chips, beer….you know, the staples.). Oh…and I LOVE the first outfit (the fact that it is so classy looking and has the name “The Mullet Dress” is even better! lol…)

    • Did you get any damage from Irene? And, it sounds like you got all the staples to get you through the weekend! I like to keep things semi-classy around here!

      • mamavalveeta03

        We didn’t get very much, but I spoke to friends of ours that live upstate, and surprisingly, they were flooded (many of the homes in the town in which we used to live were declared “uninhabitable”). So sad…

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