Nike Shorts and Workout Clothes

With school back in session, it seems as though there are college students wearing Nike shorts with t-shirts, and many more women wearing their workout clothes out and about.  Grechen has spoken about her dislike of this many times before.  I agree, Grechen!  Before I go on and on about why workout clothes are only for working out, I have to admit that I have done this a handful of times.  If I am in NEED of something to make my breakfast, I will pop into a grocery store on the way home from bootcamp.  And, once I actually went into a restaurant in my workout clothes.  I had just finished a half-marathon and if I didn’t get fries and a dark beer immediately, iwasgoingtopersishonthespot. Seriously.   One would think that I could be satisified with a casual restaurant, but no, I wanted NEEDED fries from this certain restaurant.  So we went there.  In my workout clothes.  Gross.

Besides these handful of times, I really try to not wear workout clothes around town, and you will see women and many college students wearing their workout clothes ALL day.  Here is why I disagree with this:

1.  It is gross.  I don’t know about you, but I pour buckets when I workout, and running around in that is gross.  Plus, not sure if you have heard, but we are in our hottest summer ever in Austin, so if you are working out outside, you are probably sweating even more.  Ew.

2.  For me, I have the potential to run into clients all over town and no one wants clothing advice from the girl wearing workout clothes all around town.

3.  Is wearing workout clothes easier than throwing on a dress and sandals?  Or jeans and a top?

4.  I don’t know about you, but my workout shorts are  shorter than a normal pair of shorts, and I don’t want to be around town in shorts that short.  And, if I am wearing yoga pants, they are tighter than a pair of pants I would normally wear, and I don’t want to be in tight pants running errands.

Rant over.  Do you wear your workout clothes out and about? Does this bother you?




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6 responses to “Nike Shorts and Workout Clothes

  1. lauren s.

    (long time reader, first time commenter. hi!) The girls I see in workout clothes are wearing them AS their street cothes – they definitely didn’t just come from zilker. That said, I agree that it’s no harder to throw on a dress and that would make them look much more polished.

    • Hi! Your are right. The college girls are definitely wearing them as their street clothes, but I think some of the women I see out and about have been working out. No? Or are all of them wearing them as their street clothes? I think that is another problem all itself!

  2. First: I agree, wearing your work out clothes from workout to errands or class is guh-ross.

    Second: I’m a student at UT and words can’t even describe the heat in August through mid-October. This is coming from a native Austinite. I have fought the Nike shorts trend. I have tried really hard to dress the way I like, wear cute cotton shorts and a shirt, but the truth is that clothes that are made to wick moisture are simply more comfortable when it’s 100+ degrees outside and you’re trekking across campus. I can’t tell you how many clothes I’ve simply ruined by wearing them with a backpack in this heat.

    I don’t want to go into the details (You’re an alum! You know how it is!), but I feel cleaner and less gross wearing a t-shirt and nike shorts (that don’t show how much I’ve been sweating) to class right now than I do when I wear a normal outfit. Now, when the temperatures get lower, I’ll bring back out my cute outfits for class, but for now I just need to be comfortable and confident that I don’t look like I’m melting.

    • I will say that it seems hotter recently than it was when I was a student. I never wore workout clothes at school because I was traveling to/from work after/before class, and I don’t think Nike shorts were everywhere like they are now. The Nike short/t-shirt combo bothers me less than the moms I see wearing workout clothes that they obviously worked out in all day. I do feel terribly bad that you have walk across campus in this heat. It is TERRIBLE! We will get some relief soon, right?

  3. AMEN.
    i think i am bothered more by the women who wear workout clothes AS CLOTHES – not after or before they actually work out. i understand going to the park and then to breakfast after, or running a quick errand after bootcamp, but otherwise, not acceptable.

    seems to be a touchy subject here in UT territory LOL – and i do understand the heat issue, but IMO when you go outside your front door, you should make an effort to GET DRESSED. every time you leave your house, it’s an opportunity – make the best of it….dress for it!

  4. This totally bothers me. Like you, I’ve only gone out in public (not counting dogwalking) in workout clothes to go buy something I desperately need for the meal I’m going to cook and eat right after working out. The shorts are too short and too sweaty for public viewing. Besides, it looks frumpy. I hate how people go to class and other places like that! Also, it seems to be a trend for adolescent and college-aged girls to run around in enormous t-shirts from giving blood or whatever, track shorts, and flip flops. What IS that?!

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