Style Mint

Has anyone tried Style Mint yet?  I must admit that I love the Olsen twins.  They were adorable in Full House, and I sheepishly admit I watched their teen show So Little Time and Two of a Kind.  I even loved their boho- homeless look they were rocking a couple years ago.

Their line Elizabeth and James is fabulous, and if I could afford The Row, I would probably get it.  So, why haven’t I bought a t-shirt from their affordable line, Style Mint?  Not sure.  The t-shirts seem great, and they are only around 30 dollars, which is reasonable.  I once spent close to a hundred dollars on a white t-shirt  by Elizabeth and James and when  my husband shrunk it, I almost cried.  So, now I don’t spend lots of money on t-shirts.  I am biting the bullet.  I am signing up and buying a Style Mint t-shirt.  Have you thought about buying one?


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2 responses to “Style Mint

  1. No need to be embarrassed!! I used to watch Two of a Kind also and I’m pretty sure I was past the target demographics. 🙂

    I signed up for StyleMint also and I’m sure the tees are great, but I haven’t bought anything as of yet because I have way too many tees as it is and I feel like nothing has been a wow for me. I’m not sure how much of a wow you can get from a t-shirt though. I would love to hear a review!!

  2. I’m tempted!! Def want a review from you!

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