On Mondays I volunteer for Dress for Success, and get an opportunity to bust out my professional wear. Since I am putting women in suits for interviews, I think it is only appropriate that I at least look like I could be working in an office.   I used to not really enjoy wearing “work” clothes, but now I really enjoy it.  I also used to think that dressing appropriate for the office meant going against what I really liked to wear, but that isn’t necessarily true.  You can still look like yourself in your work clothes.  No, you can’t dress like you are going out on Saturday night, or wear pieces that are meant for a super casual Saturday, but you can still feel like yourself.  While I wouldn’t wear this if I didn’t need to look professional, I do feel like it feels like me.  Do you like dressing for work?

Banana Republic dress and belt, Nine West shoes, Furla bag.



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9 responses to “Professionalism

  1. love your work outfit. thank you for not wearing club wear to work (ie satin shrugs and lucite heels) 🙂 those shoes are fabulous!

  2. mamavalveeta03

    I think it looks great on you! And I love that you are showing the women that there are a variety of things you can wear to work, not just a suit. Plus, I think you’re really showing respect to the women that come to Dress for Success–something that many of them have probably never had in their lives before. Kudos!!

  3. I love dressing up for the office. I miss not getting to do it.

    • I was actually thinking about you today and your new non-office work outfits. Will you be dressing up to work from home? I am working from home this morning and I am in a sundress. Not quite work clothing……..

  4. I work in a super casual office, so I could dress however I want (maybe not lucite heels!). However, I just feel better when I wear dresses and jewelry and cute shoes. It feels more like me 🙂

  5. You look so perfect and beautiful! Funny, I wore very similar style Banana Republic dress to work today too! :))
    I love to dress for work. I love to look professional. OK, maybe not too professional but I love to show that I have made an effort to dress in the morning.

  6. I love that dress. I work in a very casual environment and sometimes even at home, but I still like to dress up a bit. Apparently I’ve been doing this for a while – when a woman that I’d seen once a month for years at regional meetings got transferred to our site, she was worried she’d have to go shopping for better clothes to work up here 🙂

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