Review: Wool Cafe Capri

Short version:  I am not keeping them.

Long version:  I really wanted to love these pants.  Hello, mustard pants?!?!?!  I LOVE mustard, love my mustard shorts and dresses, so having a pair of mustard pants would be fabulous.  But, the fit is off.  I ordered two sizes- a 6T and a 8T. Normally I don’t wear the T version of J Crew’s pants, but I knew I wanted these to be ankle length, not capri length.  Why?  Because capris are not flattering.  Sorry.  My clients are always disappointed to hear this, but they are not.    Ankle length pants, on the other hand, can be very flattering.  I had high hopes for these pants if they were ankle length, but there was still that fit issue.  I am probably in between sizes with this pant.  The 8T was too big, but the 6T caused a bit of pulling in the hip area (I am wearing the 6T in these photos).  And, they are itchy.  And while I tell myself that I can get over the itchiness, I know I can’t.  So, back they go.  Have you tried these pants?



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17 responses to “Review: Wool Cafe Capri

  1. Aww, I know how much you wanted these pants. Sorry that they didn’t work for you although I think they look great from the pics here.

    I didn’t try these on, but I tried the Minnies so I encountered the same fit issues and I don’t know what’s going on, but a lot of the wool they are using this season itches like crazy. It’s the same with the wool skirts and blazers.

  2. Bummer in so many ways! I love the color, and for me (5’10”) Tall is a must. I just can’t do itchy–with eczema, it’s like throwing fuel on the fire! I also had problems with the MInnies–fit was…weird. So, these pants aren’t lined?? Not a good move on J Crew’s part!

  3. Nooooo say it isn’t so. I had my heart set on these pants. For the record, I still think you look adorable.

  4. Rats – because what a great color!

  5. Desert Flower

    I luster after these in several colors when I first saw them on the website. I didnt order after hearing numerous reports that they were itchy, something you have confirmed. It’s too bad because the colors are gorgeous. I’ve also read some complaints that the fabric is thin and pockets show throu, as well as anything you tuck in. I wish they had worked for you! The color is great

  6. Cecelia

    A quick questionhow would you style them for a work environment? I really want to try ankle length pants but I’m not quite sure how to style them for my conversative businessy side of business casual workplace. Thanks.

    • I would totally wear these in a work environment. It would be a great way to maintain some of your personality while still looking work appropriate. And, I think that ankle pants are great for the work place. Since your office is a bit more conservative, I would pair these with ballet flats or kitten heels and a silk top. I would probably stick with a sold top–navy, grey, or white would be fabulous. You can always do a button down and blazer or silk top and blazer combo. For ankle pants other than this, same rules apply. Keep your top and footwear fairly conservative (no 4 inch heels) and you should be good to go. Hope this helps.

  7. Oh, that is too bad, the color is fabulous. J. Crew pants don’t ever fit me either – I’m between sizes just as you described here. It’s frustrating because they do have such lovely colors.

  8. Jane

    I saw them in the store and knew right away they would be itchy. I do love ankle length pants with a kitten heel.

  9. I always order the T sizes, too. I need at least a 29″ inseam to be ankle length. Though– HELLO MICKEY– I would really love a 30″ inseam!

    I’m sorry the pants turned out to be itchy. JC usually lines all its wool skirts. Are any of the wool pants lined anymore?

  10. thanks for posting this…it confirmed I was not crazy for returning mine. I bought them in the bright dahlia color (gorgeous in person, sold out everywhere of course) so finding them was a task in and of itself. however, once they came and I tried them on, I was not thrilled. didn’t notice the itchy fabric, but they were at least a size too big. I ordered my usual j. crew size (2) and though the waist/hip fit, there was an extra bit of bagginess below the booty that just didn’t look good. unfortunately they were not as flattering as I had hoped, either. sigh.

  11. I too, really wanted these to work. I love the concept but they were just not flattering on me either. I didn’t think sizing down or getting a tall would work after seeing what was going on in the hip and thigh area. They must have pinned them back on the models. Let’s exchange reviews and dashed hopes!

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