Statement Tops

I love a beautiful top that can easily be thrown on and makes a statement with minimal jewelry.  The only thing I don’t like?  The fact that it is a statement top and can’t be worn all the time because people usually remember them.  I wear my clothes over and over again, and I even wear outfits over and over again, but I don’t really like wearing the exact same outfit around the exact same people all the time.  Am I alone in this?

I do kinda get annoyed when I see bloggers wear one dress/top/skirt one time, and then it seems to go into oblivion, never to be seen again.  This is not reality.  Or at least not my reality.  Maybe it is your reality.  If so, can I live in your reality?

Anyways, my point is that I really LOVE this top, and it was a bit more than I would usually spend on a top, and I feel like I don’t get the proper wear out of it.  Well, dear top.  I am going to try get more wear out of you.  You are pretty and were a bit spendy.  Get ready to be worn.

Tolani top, J Brand jeans, Forever 21 shoes, earrings from a local boutique, vintage Coach bag.



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7 responses to “Statement Tops

  1. Mamavalveeta03

    I think it looks fab on you, Sydney, and you should go ahead and wear it more often. The famous French interior/product designer, Andree Putman says, “I love America, and I love American women. But there is one thing that deeply shocks me – American closets. I cannot believe one can dress well when you have so much.” I agree with her: We have TOO much and therefore, we lose our ability to be memorable. (Excuse me, I have to go purge my closet now….)

  2. This outfit is very boho chic!! The jeans are sleek and the top is fabulous and flowy. I’m all for a statement top, but sadly have none in my closet.

    I don’t like repeating outfits too often, but sometimes I’ll repeat pieces here and there soon after initially wearing them because I just love it so much. My closet isn’t unlimited though, so nothing goes into clothing oblivion.

  3. I love this top – I remember it from last time and think it’s fabulous. I’d love to see it more often and all I’d say is how much I love it again. And that I love seeing how you style it.

    I re-wear most everything on my blog (and IRL) but usually just not in the same combinations. It’s not realistic for me to banish clothes into oblivion after just one wear.

  4. That outfit is fantastic! I work from home part of the day and visit clients the rest – with the result being that I don’t see the same people most days, so I re-wear outfits and pieces all the time, and no-one has any idea. Sometimes if I love an outfit, it’ll get three wears in the same week.

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