Currently Craving: The Perfect Belt

I am always on the hunt for belts.  They add definition to the waist, help a too-big dress fit, and add that little extra something to almost any outfit.  Many times I have wanted to add definition to my waist without the bulky belt buckle getting in the way.  I have turned a belt around for this effect if I am wearing a blazer and have hoped that one day I would find a belt that didn’t need to be turned around to achieve this look.  Well,  this belt is perfection.



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5 responses to “Currently Craving: The Perfect Belt

  1. yay for belts! I almost bought a version of that belt from last season–so simple and chic!

  2. Desert Flower

    I need this in both colors. It’s perfect!

  3. I have so many belts that it’s ridiculous because I’m always searching for the perfect one as well. The problem is that different belts are perfect for different outfits – at least that’s how I justify it at least.

    And this one is fabulous – I guess it’s another that I “need.”

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