Angela Chase?

I felt very much like Angela Chase in this outfit.  My husband begged to differ.  He said I looked like I belonged on a compound.  He says the look is FLDS sister wife, I say 90’s icon.  What do you think?

A slip dress from Feathers, a thrifted jean jacket, Forever 21 sandals, vintage Coach bag.

I am looking forward to wearing this dress at this length, and then when I grow tired of it, I will hem it.  I am currently obsessed with slip dresses.



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6 responses to “Angela Chase?

  1. Mamavalveeta03

    I’ll admit, I had to look up the icon, Angela Chase, since I’m ancient. But I did recognize “My So Called Life” (great show–I used to watch it with my daughters who are now 22 and 25), and Claire Danes is wonderful. As I recall, you would have fit right in with that ensemble! (but as a Junior, not a Freshman–lol…)

  2. You’re right. Much more MS-CL than FLDS. No self-respecting sister wife would ever show that much ankle or forget her 4 inch bangs.

    I really like this interplay of the shoes, flawy dress and jean jacket.

  3. I think this is definitely Angela Chase or Brenda from 90210, and you are rocking it! I’m so glad you bought that slip dress. I wonder if the sequined skirt is still there, or if it’s gone, who bought it and what have they done to it?! Hehe.

  4. I totally see Angela Chase…all you need are the black boots!

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