Under Construction

The lovely Linda of Little Tin Soldier made my new header and buttons.  Aren’t they adorable?  Not only is Linda super sweet, she is also a fabulous artist, which I am sure you are aware of if you have spent time on her blog.   My blog will be under construction until I can learn the proper HTML codes to make everything look the way it should.  That, or until I convince the newly married (!!!!) Grechen to take pity on her tech-dummy friend and help me.

I picked up this blue and white skirt to wear when we were in Florida, but I forgot to pack it.  I am glad I remembered to pack it for Tahoe.  After a 6 mile hike, my husband and I changed and walked around town for a bit.

Forever 21 skirt and sandals, 3.1 Phillip Lim sweater, vintage Coach bag, and strange look courtesy of me being distracted by my dog.



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6 responses to “Under Construction

  1. Super adorable! Linda is so talented.

    Your skirt is cute too! A great about-town look.

  2. I am completely loving the new header and buttons. Linda is the sweetest and absolutely talented.
    I love the skirt !!!
    And I can’t believe Grechen snuck out and got married on us without saying anything. I saw a tweet on Friday and couldn’t believe it. 🙂

  3. Great skirt! And, oh, the A-frame Tahoe houses. Love them!

    And Linda is just the best – one of my favorite bloggers and so talented!

  4. i heard you guys talking about me!!! LOL

    of COURSE i will help you sydney, whenever you get back from galavanting all over the US that is…(i’m just super-jealous of your roadtrip!)

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