Road Trip to Tahoe

I am on day three of our road trip to Tahoe.  My husband LOVES road trips, so we usually take one a year.  I am talking like 25 + hour road trips.  I spend most of my time reading and sleeping while he drives, oh, and stopping by Indian reservations to buy jewelry.

We will arrive in South Lake Tahoe this afternoon where the (if you are from Austin, you should look away) high every day is 80 and the lows are in the 40s.  Whoa.  I had to bust out my fall wear from the back closet for this trip.  I am excited to be reunited with my pants and wool blazers, even if it just for a week.

My car ride outfits are not that interesting– they consist of house dresses and cardigans.  Here I am by Lake Mead where the temperature was a stifling 115 degrees.  It was HOT.  Looking forward to a week filled with lake trips, hiking, and cooler temps!

House dress from Forever 21, Old Navy cardigan, Newport News sandals, Prada Sunglasses, and a chocolate lab named Shah.




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4 responses to “Road Trip to Tahoe

  1. I grew up in the Lake Tahoe area (more North Lake than South Lake) and it is easily my all-time favorite place to be. I’m officially jealous of you right now, but have a wonderful time!

    • Oooh really!!!! Do you have any recommendations? We usually go during ski season, and this is our first time out there in the summer.

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  2. jealous of your cooler weather. have a great vacay!

  3. Angeline

    How fun! I feel like we’ve been a lot of the same places this summer, so it’s been fun to see your outfits (we recently moved/road tripped from northern California to south Florida, with a pit stop in Austin).

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