The J. Crew Pants

Remember those J. Crew pants I posted about?

Look at these two lovely ladies wearing them.  It makes me want them even more!


Via Sterling Style


Via Atlantic-Pacific














































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6 responses to “The J. Crew Pants

  1. You aren’t the only one who wanted those pants even more!! Taylor and Blair did an excellent job styling them.
    I went on ebay to look for some yellow pants. Let’s hope the pair I got are suitable for some nice outfits. Now I have to figure out what color to go for next.

  2. Desert Flower

    I lust after the blue pair. I’ve read too many reviews that these pants are fiercely itchy so they are a pass for me. I’m looking for some similar colors on Topshop and ASOS.

  3. elia

    Oh yes, they look so good! But I don’t like itchy wool either. You’ll have to do a full review!

  4. J.

    I was just checking these out…wool is too much right now but they’d be so perfect this winter…

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