Tribal Top

I was so excited to pick up this tribal top from 81 Poppies the other day.  It will be perfect under jackets and blazers in the fall, will go great with jeans, and will be perfect tucked into a pencil skirt.  This outfit took me from a client’s in-home consultation, to a visit to a friend’s home to meet her baby, to a birthday party, and then helped me end the night two-stepping.  You don’t end your nights two stepping?  Strange!  I felt a wee bit under dressed at the birthday party, but the dress code was causal, and I needed my outfit to function a bit more for the other events.

81 Poppies top, J.Crew shorts, Forever 21 shoes, and hair that looks like straw courtesy of my laziness.

A Dannijo necklace that I have an allergic reaction to every time I wear it, and a MUCH cheaper Forever 21 necklace that leaves my neck rash- free.

A Dannijo ring that causes an allergic reaction(what is up with their stuff and my skin!), a vintage cuff picked up in Florida,  random bangles, and some gifted bracelets.


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9 responses to “Tribal Top

  1. S

    Love this print so much! Bummer about the dannijo stuff

  2. It’s crazy that you are having such reactions to what you would think is high quality jewelry. That necklace is stunning though!!

  3. Love this tribal print top – I just recently picked up a couple and wore one tucked into a pencil skirt. I can’t wait to see the different iterations with yours.

  4. Cute top, Sydney! Oh no, tho, about the Dannijo!! I’ve been wanting to get some of their pieces (earrings, etc.) but I have the most sensitive skin in the world (well, almost!).

  5. Such a cool top!! I have that problem too some times…the fancier jewelry I have a reaction to and the stuff from F21 I am fine with !

  6. Love that you wore this top to so many occassions in one day! And love that you went two-stepping! 🙂 xoxo

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