Pink Shorts two Ways

After seeing Sharon’s pink shorts in person, I immediately went home and ordered them.  And two other pairs.  It will be hot in Texas through September, so I know I will get many more days of use out of them.  Bright shorts might seem like they can only be paired with a white t-shirt, but they are actually surprisingly versatile.  You can pair them with stripes (an eternal favorite of mine), another bright, chambray, a patterned silk top…the list goes on and on.

For the first half of  my day, I paired my bright pink shorts with a blue patterned top.  I have worn something very similar to this.  I consider this one the casual version.  A great way to elevate your shorts is to pair it with a silk top.  Linda does this beautifully.

Banana Republic top, J. Crew shorts, handmade pearls and chains necklace, vintage coach, Newport News sandals.

For the evening portion, I changed into my bright 81 Poppies top and put on gold accessories.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to taking a picture until after the sun went down.  This was definitely a bright outfit, but I love a bright outfit.

 Same as above, but with an 81 Poppies top and random bangles.

Coach bags are usually not my thing, but I couldn’t pass up this vintage number found at my Gucci Goodwill. I am kind of obsessed with vintage cross body bags right now.    If I spot a vintage Dooney and Bourke  bag or a Coach bag, I snap them up, but I would not buy a modern version.

Two questions:  Do you find yourself wanting vintage versions of brands you don’t really like?  Would you wear bright shorts?



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10 responses to “Pink Shorts two Ways

  1. Yes to bright shorts! And I LOVE your vintage Coach bag–great score!

  2. Yes, I love bright shorts, and yes, I like old versions of Coach and D&B! You’re going to be in trouble today. I know a place that has TONS of vintage D&B.

  3. I’m not into the Coach “C’s” so I usually go for plain ones or those vintage ones – I fell in love with them too and recently bought two off E-bay from the 70’s. It’s amazing how they’re still classic and the quality is great.
    And I’m not as brave as you with the bright shorts… the brightest thing I have is nail polish lol. I really like the blue/silk top with them though, looks great!

  4. I’m all for bright shorts! I’ve been thinking I need to pull out my hot pink shorts and wear them again.

    I love that second outfit! Yellow and pink just look so nice together.

  5. I love both of these looks. I’m a fan of pairing brights with brights so I think these are both just super.

  6. Dee

    Love the shorts, and I have them in coral! 🙂

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